favorite lines submitted february 3-4, day 4 of 30 days of poems

contributing artists from the enlightenment project

panda: portrait of the artist as a young panda, Pandas as property owners – maybe the dream fairy had mistaken my daydreams of bamboo forest with some city-dwelling human. I was once told that everyone is your dream was a part of you. dev atma: Their glimmering revolutions and, These words are not Written but collected said helian: To the lake Awake! Awake!, Is cannibalizing It's own heart, A bright beating alarm jason: This traincar, this overnight dash — bullets of sea water, Here you take it, it’s all I have left jessica: it’s gniyzzid keeping up with you, love was the color that sung the eyes brooke: Lapis lazuli, Azure, Ocean eyes. Can you see, Holy holy holy bowing 9 times mackenzie: poetry is letters too

tupelo press poets

+favorite lines! Lanette Cadle Will we pin adventure firmly to the page? Morgan Eklund The mad moon recalls your story. Henry FinchAt the end of every field theory there is a field. Initiations never manifest. Have you ever? Jason Gray The hum in the background was me. Dina Hardy Sometimes the world is read wrong. Like, writing on the ocean, as much erasure, too. Joan Leotta Most of the time I floated Marco Maisto draw me skinnier on Sunday Matthew Thorburn If you want to eat sweet corn, I can’t wait to tell my son someday, you have to eat it like a typewriter,

+panda's friend, ava