favorite lines from poems submitted today from day 2 of 30 poems

contributing artists at the enlightenment project

Panda-The leaves are my favorite part. A strong Panda, like myself, needs all the protein he can get. Devatma Singh-Infused with the loving Gaze you gave it On first sight? Said Helian -We are singed Everyday Jessica Crowi know you, you know me we’re quite the same Brooke Hamre Gillespie vindaloo vinny begins his 40 day sadhana Mackenzie Wyatt- "B"

tupelo press poets

Matthew Thorburn https://www.facebook.com/mqthorburn- Yes, a woman was singing somewhere and his lips parted too, though he did not know the words. Marco Maisto https://www.facebook.com/mmaisto in praise of emerging surfaces, ocean atlas Dina Hardy https://www.facebook.com/dinahardy.0 Urgency is not in this dictionary. Jason Gray https://www.facebook.com/jasonmatthewgray We keep calling Space an ocean. Henry Finch https://www.facebook.com/henrykfincha vending machine that dispenses window sun for pocket change. How long have you been here? Lanette Cadle https://www.facebook.com/llcadle The sun is in motion, its dark spots build flares, and he does love those moments, those movements that are art selected

-- * panda's friend, ava*