The Next Morning

Footfalls on bearskin

My home within a home

The soul I knew rejoined

Me suddenly and overwhelmed

By love both familiar and outside

Myself, rapt and wrapped in

The power of my powerlessness.

The masks they wore

The ceremonies

Stories told, the elders

Sitting upward jutting

Faces like mountains - there was

Where the bearskin took me, back to

A life I knew. Even as a boy

I knew another boy was me,

Even then suspecting it was

My own memory.

There and then was the origin

The start of a single chapter

In a much larger tale.

Here and now, a bearskin

On the floor of your bedroom

Calls me to remember

The time our souls ran free

Together, when joy was

The fabric of our days.

But when morning comes and

My first move brings

Foot to pelt, I’ll know the time is

Still ahead when our two

Souls shall once more meet.