An Appreciation

You have it all.

Your body swells

In cyclical shape, stoking

The fire in my form.

Your mind moves

Quickly, its momentum

Swirling a draft as

It passes, pulling

Perception along possessing

Me in its pulchritude.

Your spirit is more and

Less than the sum of

Your parts. I have seen

It wane when you felt

Defeat and displace the hurt of

The heart with the head.

But I have seen

The opposite, when

Your heart has shouldered

The burden of the mind,

Smiling from under

The dark edgeless

Cloak of disappointment.

That is the thing,

Over and above

The fineness of your lines,

Somatic and surfeit

The quiet resolution

Residing in the impossible

Questions that thread

Through the love

You give others.