Overlooked (After "The Shining")

Take 1

The gift I was given was

All that mattered until

It was the only thing to save

My life, the only thing to afford

Me escape from

The dreary murderous

Gaze of my own gaze.

The voice no one

Could hear spoke of

All the things unsaid that

Otherwise might have been

Voices themselves.

Take 2

I was a boy and

I was a man and

I was a twin and

I was the vision of myself

Then as I played

The carpeting flipped

The long hall took me

In a circle

The squared

Elevator doors opened

Took me up to another story

Where I looked down on

My play as illusion.

Take 3

I saw the boy and

I saw the man and

I saw the twins and

I saw the vision of myself

There as I played

Percussive keys

Walls echoing

Digits echoing

Mind echoing what

The rich and poor old men

Said to me about what

There was there and then in

The vacuum of space.

Take 4

There is a family and

A boy with a man and

A mother and all

Banished epicene forms.

There is a land that is

Split by a river that

Runs in the winters when

Snow and blood warms.