The Twain

Once it was a common term and

A term of art at once

Meaning both a simple pair and

A mark of river’s depth.

Then it was a famed name

Denoting almost everything about

This place we share with all

Its backwards forecastings, became

The central sideways means for

Our conveyances. Another came

Hammering down, pinging

The sidelong in echoes.

Then there was only

The air for the fire

Told from a tolling bellows.

Now we can see

The men claiming character

Rushed like wine from a jug

Only to drink in the contents

But though continentals became

Incontinent, peeling

Peals off of symbolic cymbals

Tyrannical grip on thirsty

River banks left foundries

Defunct and defunded.

So now the term sits on

Anachronistic shelf

Invisible air’s earthen urn.

The question then comes with

The shadow-cast key if

The vessel lies behind the door or

Behind the one who the man gave

The key to, and what

Tethering lies in store.