The lovenest is the inspiration for the concept of THE NESTING PROJECT. This project is my ode to David and Sharon, and the teachings of Jivamukti Yoga School. It’s a convergence of community, creativity, and activism. It’s a great magic trick to motivate people to be inspired and to be active and activate!

The ingredients are: using creativity to actualize a concept, by embarking on the journey of creating, not only will the individual be transformed as they discover their nest, but also, the concept will manifest in the group, and together we direct energy to build actual nests, or homes, for those who need them. It’s a beautiful shamanic ritual of transformation that happens for the individual and in turn, inspires the group, and ripples out to make a difference in the lives of others.

materials: love poems, found lovebirds, antique paintings of krishna, radha, lucky cardinal bird, and asian style ink brush painting, prema

May the owner of this nest find the delicious nectar of prema overflow always from within. Yoga is the divine union enacted by the love play of these two gods poetic discourse.

Much in the way birds find materials to make nests, all materials are recycled, found objects, who’s original intention has been re-invented to build a homes for wild birds and for people.

All proceeds raised from this project go towards Habitat for Humanity in Sri Lanka and the NYC Audubon to preserve the homes of wild birds in the five boroughs.

May The Nesting Project be a place where all of our birds can come to nest.