Getting what you want means

Getting what you want means Being disconnected To others

It's great! Being so protected Swaddled Wombed in

So the others Remain doll like Barely real

Of use But keep your guard! Those dolls might just spring to life Stronger than

Poem: 8

And then the day will break! It will-- The chariot will come Roaring colors Glorious softly And we will wish the slow motion Of the roar Was even slower

I promise you dear one Every black grey day Has this glory In the shadow

Poem 7

A Is a harmonious structure Look at it!

Standing there so holy And snow proof: Give me shelter

A Fox stone bone That one that one that one Individual and apart Here now

Unless you decide to miss it Generalize away The power of A

Each thing individual Attend!

Poem 5

My neck Smells the sorrow In the snow


I think of your words In the wide white Pains of winter:

Here and last:

Who starves on the soil We sewed

Clumsily tripping over What could have been

Preferring the comfortable taste Of a wild winged bird bitter cold

Poem: 4

Umbrage That feeling in the gut Cursed twisting Rising to the head A bright beating alarm:

These wee morning hours When darkness is the softest I wake myself up And what motion is that?

Rising Shaking cursing

Why we do what we do: Standing here (as if apart) I know I am in it

These killings My sense of humanness Blighted

Poem: 3

And it moves: A strange motion Fluttering soul

Revenge Though Appearing stuck hard and silent

Inert as Tombstone Is cannibalizing It's own heart

Poem: 2

A black snake found me Hiding in the grass I hoped on-- And slithered away

Through the poppies Posed and poisonous Hovering ahead A dark deep dread

Silently slunk the snake And I To the lake Awake! Awake!

Poem: 1

"Fallen to hard times" They say Was the problem Of the day

Fallen from the depths of the earth The clay made way And we made form

Silken surfacing Rushing cold We dug in

To the problem Struck, hacked, rubbed Cried on

"No one" falls to the times Hard as Burnt clay Drier than fire We are singed Everyday